Common spine problems

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The spine is a large organ of our body, which plays a major role in holding our body together. It plays a key role in helping us sit upright, walk erect and conduct various other physical activities. With such high usage and requirements, the chances of common spine problems increase even more. However, keeping yourself aware and updated about these concerns can help you not only prevent them, but also stop further damage. Let us know more about the common spine problems.

Herniated disk 

The spine is made up of small bones.  A cartilage disk is located in the middle of these bones. If this cartilage disk moves from its position, it is known as a herniated disk. Commonly, this is also referred to as a slipped disk. The main cause of a herniated disk is sudden jerks or movements.

Muscle strain

There are several muscles that are involved in holding up the entire spine together. Keeping this in mind, muscle strain and spasms are quite common. In most cases, muscle strain is a build-up from the past. Overuse and extensive amounts of pressure can give rise to muscle strain.


Scoliosis is a condition where the spinal cord is bent in an awkward position or has a definite curvature. Most patients develop this condition at birth or at a very young age. Common signs of scoliosis include uneven shoulders and hips, muscle spasms, leaning on one side or any physical deformities.


This is a common bone degenerative condition. In most cases, this is seen in the older population. Patients with this condition have a reduced bone density. Thus, the chances of injuries and bone damage increase even more. As the density decreases, the bones become even weaker.


The spinal cord holds majority of the nerves in your body. The sciatic nerve, which is a long nerve, runs down the spinal cord, from the L4 to the S3 to the leg. When this nerve is compressed, the patient complains of consistent pain and change in sensation in the leg. This compression can be a sign of inflammation in the spine or permanent nerve damage.

Spinal fractures 

In the case of an accident or heavy jerky movements, there could be a chance for spinal fracture. These are cracks seen in the spinal bone. Depending on the severity of the crack, the doctor may recommend you the necessary treatment modality. In the case of major fractures, you might also be recommended to undergo spinal surgery.


Osteoarthritis is a condition where there is inflammation seen in the major bones and joints in the body. Some of the joints include such as the foot and ankle joint, elbows and wrists. In most cases, it is seen in older patients. Osteoarthritis shows symptoms such as chronic pain, restrictions in movement, etc.


You should see a doctor if you have been experiencing any of the typical signs of spinal injuries, such as persistent pain, inflammation, movement limits, etc. The spinal cord serves as the main passageway for the body’s nerves. Therefore, it is crucial to pay strict attention to these symptoms and stop the progression of spinal damage.

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