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1. Good communication
2. He explain the patient condition and take better decision to avoid risk of future health problem for the patient.


Excellent doctor, very friendly and highly competent. Responsive to patients’ thought process and requirements.


The first word he spoke to me was very impressive and the way he explained my issues and also answered all my queries.


I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2016, later in 2019 I had my spinal surgery. Which was successful thanks to Dr Naveen S Tahasildar and staff. After my surgery, my spine has been corrected. And now, after almost 4 years I’m completely fine, living a good life.


Dr Naveen is good listener and would ask questions to understand the problem first and explains why it’s happening and what actions are taken. Gave simple Meds and no unnecessary tests. We got relief from our first consultation already for pain that’s been for a week now. Thank you so much doctor and I recommend people to give a try and meet.


Doctor is very friendly and helpful. Listening everything patiently and above all his diagnosis and his selection of medicine suitable to the patient is marvelous. Thank you Dr Naveen.

The best reference


Very good doctor and friendly nature, he is expert in spine treatment.


Very cool n friendly . like to do his job correctly n always explain to his patient before doing surgery. very satisfied.


Adequate discussions to enable patient to understand the problem and take correct decision regarding further course of action


It was a friendly approach by the doctor and explained everything in a healthy manner. Had a good visit.


It’s a nice experience being there. Dr.Naveen Tahasildar is the best. I had a microdiscectomy operation. After the operation I am feeling much better. All thanks to Doctor Naveen and his staff. They are awesome


Nice treatment. For insurance bills, hospital should be glad to provide full bill rather than cutting sorry face to patient. Full bill speaks about genuineness, authenticity, dependability etc etc of hospital. I hope will take decent steps in correcting themselves n intimate me.


Because of his immediate diagnosis, we could make our father recover soon. Thanks a lot for your support doctor.


Doctor was able to understand my issue. The doctor patiently listened to my problem and treated the problem to my satisfaction.


I had leg pain due to L5-S1 nerve compression since January 2022. I suffer a lot in this 7 month and try to avoid surgery. I consult with Dr.Naveen Tahsildar in OPD . He explained the case in a simple way and the procedure of microdicetomi . With in 5 day decided for the surgery. Friday morning surgery completed successfully and Saturday they discharged me. There was no pain in the leg which was earlier only little pain at the point of surgery. I will thank Dr.Naveen for the friendliness and the support from the OPD to till discharge.


Happy with: Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction


Doctor is very friendly and supportive. He also replies to messages whenever we ask for any problem.


Too friendly and listen to problem carefully. All advice from doctor have helped to recover soon from last 6yrs



Explanation of problem. Very systematic. Immediately wins confidence of the patient. Despite his exemplary academic credential, has down to earth attitude.


He is so kind! Post surgery had severe pain once we called regarding the issue his response very good, and the next day he personally called and asked about my health, i felt he was the god on that moment!!! Its not exaggerating really he Care for his patients.


Doctor was too friendly he is too good and we are thankful for his suggestion and thank full for such a good doctor thanks a lot for doctor.


Doctor naveen has been really helpful during pre operation as well as post operation as my mother went through spine surgery couple of years back … still he is just call away for any advice/suggestion … kudos to the work that he the doctors doing from NH.


Dr. Tahasilder operated my spine in June 2021 after I had a major accident. I found him to be very approachable and helpful. He listened to our queries and answered them patiently. He is a well behaved and well-mannered even as an experienced doctor. Would 100% recommend him to other patients.


Excellent doctor, my wife has had slipped disk, he diagnosed it immediately and explained it clearly to us so that we could take an informed decision. He also performed the operation and was always available when we wanted to clear any doubts regarding her condition.


Dr Naveen Tahasildar he did the surgery of my daughter who has scoliosis. We have consulted many doctors in Bangalore. But Dr Naveen has given the best opinion for us. He is an excellent spine surgeon. After my daughter surgery the whole Team of his taken care very good. She has recovered very soon I prefer for any related issues with spine you can consult him. He is a good person who resolved all the issues of patients. I thank from my heart to Dr Naveen Tahasildar.


Dr Naveen is my spine surgeon.. I’m following him for more than 5 years.. Love you travel overnight to have his consultation.. He feels what the patients mind is carrying.. It’s resolved in moments by a natural broad smile and few reassuring words. Highly recommended for spine issues and general orthopedic care.


We feel happy for consulting with Dr. Naveen sir. Before, we were worried about spinal problem my mother had. Once we consulted him, then he explained the condition and how it can solved. Mainly he gave us assurance. Then we decided to go for operation. After that everything went good. Now my mother is out pain and she is happy. Thank you sir for everything you did. May God bless you.


I am glad to share my views. He is a very good doctor. Good observation and counseling. He treated my mother with her spine problem. She was suffering from back pain for many years and finally Dr Naveen Tahsildar diagnosed that she was suffering from TLIF problem and need an immediate surgery. Surgery was successful and post operative care was also very good and with the Dr support. she is leading a healthy life now. You can definitely go and consult for a better treatment.


My father’s spine fracture was treated by Dr. Naveen Tahasildar at Narayan hospital. Before surgery he was almost bed ridden. And very next day of surgery he was sitting and walking. I cannot describe in words the happiness we felt at that time. I want to appreciate Dr. Naveen for his diagnosis, surgical procedure and specially his way of handling the patients and patient family members. Despite the surgery being very complex, it was done so smoothly that there was no stress that we felt at our end. Everything was taken care by Dr. Naveen and team at hospital. Sincerely appreciate Dr. Naveen and his team at Narayan hospital.


Dr. Naveen is my second doctor whom I consulted for my cervical pain. I really respect him, because he listens to my problems carefully and makes me think positive and guides me through the medication and related exercise etc. He gave me full confidence that my neck/lumbar issues will get cured if I take my medication and do the related exercise on a regular basis. I have been doing it for past two months strictly on a regular basis and I am able to see an improvement in my neck pain. Actually I feel comfortable and confident each time I visit him. He is a genuine human being and wish him all the best. Hope my pain will subside and I will be able to do things normally soon. Thank you!


Dr Naveen Tahasildar is a very good doctor. Good observation and counseling done by him. I was suffering from back pain and finally Dr Naveen Tahsildar diagnosed and suggest me for immediate surgery. Surgery was successful and post operative care was also very good and with the Dr. support I am leading a healthy life now.


Wonderful experience with Dr Naveen. He listens keenly to his all patients n gives helpful advice n suggestions. He is very compassionate n dedicated.


Exact treatment good response
Thank you sir


My Name is Narendra from Bellary, I would like to give small note of thanks and a quick Review about our one and only dearest Doctor, Dr. Naveen Tahasildar, My father aged 65 years staying at Talur village near Bellary, was facing sever low back pain and he could not walk 10 meter of distance and he could not stand for more than 5 min, we have taken him to local doctor and they advise some medicine. but it had not solved his problem.

Then we consulted specialist in Bellary, Doctor suggested us to go for MRI. Based on the MRI report, doctor found that there is a problem at his spine of L4-5 and advised us to go for operation. Then we decided to go for operation in the mean time I have taken second opinion from my company doctor. He also suggested the same and he advised us that don’t go for local doctors because of lack of facilities and its sensitive issue better to go to Bangalore. All our family members are very scared and worried about the critical situation

One of my family member suggested Dr.Naveen Tahasildar from Mazumdar Shaw medical Center, Bangalore, then I have gone through his profile I was very impressed convinced myself and then I convinced my family members.

When we called Doctor his response was very good and immediately doctor advised us send X-ray and MRI copy through WhatsApp. After reviewing of the same doctor suggested operation is required to nullify the complete pain.

As per instruction of Dr.Naveen sir, we made admit of my father in the above said hospital. Doctor made detailed checkup of my father health condition we got surprised that he had hepatitis B. doctor informed us nothing to worry we will take care of your father. The scheduled Operation done we all waiting outside hear good news from the doctor. Doctor came out and said that Operation is success and it went very well we have put him under observation (ICU) and you all can see your father after 24hrs.

We relaxed and said our thanks to Dr. Naveen sir, after 24hrs we met our father he was full happy note and he recovered very soon by the hard effort of all staff nurses, physio team and housekeeping team of the hospital.

Almost 6 months over my father is not having any kind of back pain. Now he is travelling by bus, car, two-wheeler and walking very freely.

We are all very much happy of seeing our father roaming very happily. Daily we remember Dr.Naveen sir effort behind his happiness. Now I am very much confident that I will refer any of our employees facing such issue will meet Dr.Naveen sir as a HR of company.


Really I am satisfied with your treatment…I had suffered a lot from backpain…I consulted so many doctors .but not cured..then I heard your name and consulted you…within just 2 months it got better..thank you so much…anytime we text or call, you respond without any boredom…all should get your service and get cured..thank you.


Thank you so very much Dr. Naveen.. My father was operated by you sir around 8 years ago for spinal problem.. He used to suffer a lot before the surgery happened… But he is perfectly alright now sir… Our sincere thanks to you sir.. Hope you would perform similar surgeries and help many in need… Thank you once again sir.


Dr Naveen Tahasildar has been treating the whole spectrum of spinal disorders from cervical spine to sacrum by non-operative and operative means using cutting edge technology. These patients include national as well as international from all parts of the world.

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