Factors Contributing to the Rise in Spine Problems in India

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Spine-related problems are on the rise in India, same as elsewhere across the world. It affects individuals of all age groups. The primary causes of spine issues include healthcare, overall lifestyle, and demographic factors. Some common spinal problems include back pain, neck stiffness, cold shoulder, joint locking, and feet and legs swelling.

Other than the physical stress that puts pressure on your spine, mental stress further enhances the chance of developing several spinal issues.

Let’s discuss some important factors contributing to the rise in spine problems in India:

Factors contributing to spinal problems in India

Inactive Lifestyle

With fast urbanization and innovations in Indian cities, people are increasingly maintaining a sedentary lifestyle. Numerous people are engaged in desk jobs, spending long hours sitting in front of their computers in poor posture. This results in weakened back muscles and spinal problems.

Less Physical Activity

Insufficient physical activity and not giving importance to fitness are contributing greatly to the rising spinal problems among the Indian population. People nowadays are not participating in physical activities, which is important for maintaining strength and tractability of the spine.


The major concern among the Indian population is obesity. In obesity, the excess weight of the body places stress on the spine, mainly the lumbar region, resulting in the risk of issues such as back pain and slipped discs. If not controlled, obesity is going to be one of the major causes of spine problems in India.

Improper Ergonomics

In most homes and workplaces, ergonomic concerns are not given importance. Improper design of the office chair, inappropriate placement of the computer screen and non-ergonomic furniture give rise to postural issues and put strain on the spine.

Unhealthy Diet

Nutrition has a major role in maintaining spinal health. A diet that lacks all required nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, will make the bones weak. Thus, it increases the risk of getting spine-based issues. Improper nutrition also causes conditions such as osteoporosis, which has a compromising effect on the spinal integrity and amplifies susceptibility to fractures as well as worsening spinal disorders.

High Tobacco Consumption

The use of tobacco, especially smoking, has adverse effect on spinal health. Tobacco contains nicotine, which restricts flow of blood to the spinal discs and impairs their ability to repair and maintain themselves. This decreased flow of blood speeds up spinal disc degeneration, enhancing the risk of various conditions such as herniated discs and lower back pain.

Excess Mental Stress

Mental stress has a detrimental effect on spinal health. When people are stressed, it results in muscle tension and bad posture, thereby adding strain to the spine. When someone takes stress for a long period of time, it results in chronic conditions such as headaches, muscle stiffness, and back pain, thereby putting an impact on the overall well-being of the spine and comfort.


To sum up, the alarming rise of spine problems in India is one of the complex problems that is mainly influenced by a mix of bad lifestyle choices, easy healthcare availability, changes in demographics, and several other environmental influences. A multi-layered approach, such as public health campaigns for the promotion of physical activity, enhanced ergonomics in houses and workplaces, and enhanced awareness of spinal health, is required to address these increasing spinal health issues.

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