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A Case Study by Dr. Naveen Tahasildar | Spine Surgeon | Bangalore

Mr A, hailing from the city of Patna in Bihar, came with complaints of low back pain for 12 years which aggravated during the last 6 months. He also complained of radiating pain down to both the legs especially during standing and walking. He could hardly stand for 15 minutes and walk for 200 meters only. He had difficulty turning in the bed and was not able to stand straight in the morning (morning catch). These symptoms collectively are called “Instability” kind of low back pain. This means that the reason for pain in these individuals is an abnormal movement between vertebral bones which hinders the normal weight transmission function of the back bones. During further investigation he was found to have a L5-S1 Spondylolisthesis. This is a condition when vertebral bones start to slip over each other. The tower of spine does not stand on a stable foundation. This is the reason for difficulty in standing and walking (when gravity is acting). Dr. Naveen S Tahasildar – Spine Surgeon in Bangalore operated to correct this mechanical malalignment. The surgery is called “L5-S1 Interbody Fusion” which brings back stability in the spine. This in-turn improves standing and walking, markedly improving the quality of life. He is glad that he could go back to his favorite activity of gardening


Dr Naveen Tahasildar has been treating the whole spectrum of spinal disorders from cervical spine to sacrum by non-operative and operative means using cutting edge technology. These patients include national as well as international from all parts of the world.

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