Spinal Deformity Correction


A Case Study by Dr. Naveen Tahasildar – Consultant Spine Surgeon

Ms L, 18 year old girl hailing from Chikkodi Taluk, Belgaum district of Karnataka presented to our department in 2019 with a severe deformity in the spine. She was initially diagnosed to have Chiari Malformation (a skull deformity which leads to pressure on the spinal cord and fluid accumulation causing nerve dysfunction). A surgery was performed outside in 2012 to release the pressure on the spinal cord which usually helps correct the deformity also in some children. But this surgery did not prevent the progression of the deformity in this girl. Considering her complex problem, with careful planning scoliosis corrective surgery was performed under neuromonitoring (an electrical system to measure the spinal cord function during surgery to prevent paralysis like situation) by Dr Naveen Tahasildar – Consultant Spine Surgeon and experienced anesthetists, Dr Sharanu Patil and Dr Ravi Narayanan. The surgery was successful and the girl could be ambulated by the 3rd day of surgery. She and her family had a big sigh of relief that they could put an end to a decade long worry and desperation. Ms L, is under regular follow up and is looking forward to shaping her beautiful future. We applaud the great spirit and courage of this girl.


Dr Naveen Tahasildar has been treating the whole spectrum of spinal disorders from cervical spine to sacrum by non-operative and operative means using cutting edge technology. These patients include national as well as international from all parts of the world.

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